Program Overview

If you’re looking for a professional, paid, internship experience that helps you learn what it means to bring your faith to work and be a minister in any marketplace, I would highly recommend participating in MAP.  I have learned so much about business, about God, and about myself and how God has designed me. I’ve loved learning along with the other participants, and under the incredible staff.

Megan, MAP 2015


MAP is a summer internship program that incorporates training and real work experience, designed with the ultimate goal of equipping interns to make an impact through their careers and in their communities.



Each year, there are both paid and unpaid positions depending on relevant opportunities and partnering companies.
Any non-profit positions are generally unpaid, yet only part-time, giving interns the opportunity to earn money elsewhere.


MAP training days are typically once per week throughout the summer. The training days are designed to integrate faith, excellence, integrity, and service into your work life.

Over the course of the summer, the training includes:

  • Engagement with speakers who are living out their faith through work
  • Studying and discussing texts and Biblical principles
  • Exploring personal gifts and abilities
  • Visiting area businesses led by men & women of faith
  • Serving at a local non-profit


MAP gave me a place to wrestle with how my faith speaks into my professional life–and more specifically, how the Holy Spirit actively moves in the marketplace. Each work week (Monday-Thursday) was a concrete opportunity to test the ideas of each book, speaker, field trip, and discussion that I encountered on Friday training days.

Sarabeth, MAP 2016